Spanish Insurances


Can I include art pieces and jewellery in my contents insurance?
Yes, if you are in possession of valuable items, such as jewellery, antique or art pieces, then it is a wise idea to extend your contents insurance to ensure individual valuables are fully covered. Moreover you should also regularly check if the amount for which they are insured is still sufficient.

Does my home insurance cover annually increase with in line with inflation?
Yes, your home insurance will be automatically indexed. The insured amount will rise in line with inflation. This however, does not mean that you are automatically sufficiently insured. The indexing for instant does not include enhanced values relating to renovations or new products that you may purchase. We recommend you regularly assess your insurance requirements to check if you are sufficiently insured.

Does the insurance compensate for appliances broken by a power failure?
Yes, cover is provided for appliances damaged or broken in event of a power failure. In the event of this occurrence you must report this damage to the insurance company within seven days.This cover is only provided under contents insurance not buildings insurance.

I have an alarm system at home. If the alarm is deactivated for any reason during my absence and I am burgled will the insurance pay nevertheless?
No, you must activate your alarm system while you’re not home and or ensure it remains activated during your absence.  If you are burgled and the alarm system is deactivated and your cover is assessed against an active alarm system than it is highly likely the insurance company will not pay out.

Is it important to inform the insurance company how many kilometres (miles) I drive annually if I want to receive an offer for car insurance?
Yes, the cover and its costs are affected by the amount of kilometres/miles you expect to undertake in a year. When requesting cover you should therefore state a realistic amount of kilometres/miles you expect to drive annually.

I want a cheap insurance for my car, which is about six to ten years old. What cover would be appropriate?
If your car is old and of little value and you just wish to meet your legal obligations you can select to insure your car Third party only. Third party only is the most basic type of cover and therefore the cheapest. It is designed to protect third parties that may be involved in an accident caused by yourself. 

Can I choose for an excess amount to get a cheaper premium? 
Only fully comprehensive car insurances have the possibility to have an excess amount written into the policy. This excess can help to keep your premium down, and the higher the excess the less your premium will be. However, in the event of a claim, you are required to pay the excess limit first and the remainder of the claim will be met by the insurer. The excess amounts vary between € 180- up to € 1.800. Excess amounts between 300 € and 600 € give you the greatest benefit.

I have built up thirteen years of no claim bonus in the UK and now I am going to purchase a car in Spain. Does my no claim bonus from the UK also apply in Spain?
Yes, we can include your no claim bonus from England in the Spanish policy. 

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