Spanish Insurances

Home Insurance

Home insurance consist of buildings and contents insurance. It can be taken out separately or joint.

What does Buildings Insurance cover?

Buildings insurance provides compensation for damage such as fire, theft and weather damages or destruction of a home by disasters. The most frequent causes of damages are theft, home accidents, burst and leaking pipes. With our insurance your home is protected even against damage caused by the collision of a vehicle or an airplane crash.

Maintenance-related problems are the homeowner’s responsibility. You will have to ensure that general maintenance is kept up to date in order to ensure payment in case of claim.

If you have specific cover requirements you can choose a basic coverage or extend your policy to a more comprehensive coverage.

Buildings insurance covers the structure of the house including fixtures and fittings, together with garages and outbuildings. The insured sum will be the construction cost of the building; this is the full cost of rebuilding the property.

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What does Contents Insurance cover?

Contents can be included into the building insurance policy but also as a standalone policy. We can help you understand what needs to be covered and ensure that the peculiarity of the Spanish insurance market is understood. For example, in Spain the kitchen belongs to the contents policy, not to the building policy.
Valuables like jewellery, antiques or works of art will need to be specifically listed on your policy. This requirement applies to any item valued over € 6,000. 

In case the insured property is your second home, some insurance companies will not cover certain articles. These articles are expected to be insured through your first home insurance policy or your travel insurance. Hypotienda will help you ascertain what will and will not be covered. 

Garden furniture and possessions kept in your garage or storage are also covered by all our insurers up to a certain amount. This is a standard coverage offered by the insurance companies we work with. This is not a standard coverage by all insurance companies.

Our insurance policies cover the new value of the damaged items. There are some restrictions based on the age and condition of the items.

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Legal Responsibility

The building and content insurance includes an automatic third – party civil liability and legal defense for injuries and damages caused by the building, contents or members of the household, including pets.

The basic coverage amount goes up to 300.000€ with an extension up to 750.000€ in the most comprehensive insurance covers. This cover is very important in case a third party suffers injuries or damages caused by you, your family or your possessions.

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