Spanish Insurances

Who are we?

Hypotienda was set up in 2004, initially to provide mortgage advice to purchase a property in Spain.

In 2008 we have used our knowledge and experience to set up an insurance arm to provide non-residents in Spain of all information about the required insurances in Spain. Because we have direct access to the insurance systems, we are able to give direct coverage.

Low profile company, personal service

When you don´t speak fluent Spanish it can be difficult to understand insurance coverages and decide what´s best for yourself.

Hypotienda is a low profile company. We are not a big company that have a one-size-fits-all attitude. We like to give a personal and high level service to our clients. You can easily contact us by email and telephone and we are able to give direct coverage. We are able to help you understand the idiosyncrasies of the insurance market.

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Why choose Hypotienda for Spanish insurances?

  • Communication will be in your language
  • We deal with your insurance claim for the beginning untill the end
  • We always response to an email within 24 hours and you can reach us easily by phone without waiting
  • We provide competitive premiums and reliable coverages
  • We are professionals with high levels of expertise