Spanish Insurances

Private Health Insurance

Hypotienda collaborates with a large health insurance company for all health insurances in Spain.

They are specialised in health insurances and are a market leader in product innovation and customer care providing a comprehensive quality service.

Also they provides made-to-measure healthcare assistance and the most comprehensive health insurance available in Spain for the whole family. For a free no-obligation quote click here

Why take out a private health care insurance through Hypotienda?

  • We have direct access to the system of the insurance company to produce quotes and policies 
  • We will guide you by understanding your requirements to the most suitable product for your circumstances
  • We have advisers who speak your language
  • Our services are free of charge. The premiums you pay will be the same as they would be if you went directly, but, with us you gain the added benefit of a full personal advice and guidance consultation along with ongoing support in the event of a claim or requirement to change cover.
  • In the case that you have had to prepay for medical services and require re-imbursement, we will support you fully through the re-imbursement process.

The private health insurance company has the most comprehensive range of specialists, doctors and other medical practitioners within their network. If however you would like to go to a doctor or specialist of your own choice who is not included within the network you can select to do so.

The products vary from basic cover to fully comprehensive.

For a free no-obligation quote click here

Why choose Hypotienda for Spanish insurances?

  • Communication will be in your language
  • We deal with your insurance claim for the beginning untill the end
  • We always response to an email within 24 hours and you can reach us easily by phone without waiting
  • We provide competitive premiums and reliable coverages
  • We are professionals with high levels of expertise