Spanish Insurances

Types of Insurance

Hypotienda offers all different types of Insurance in Spain like car insurance, home (building and content) insurance, health insurance and travel insurance.

Home (Building and Content) Insurance

A building insurance provides compensation for damage such as fire, theft and weather damages or destruction of a home by disasters. The most frequent causes of damages are theft, home accidents, burst and leaking pipes. With our insurance your home is protected even against damage caused by the collision of a vehicle or an airplane crash.

Maintenance-related problems are the homeowner’s responsibility. You will have to ensure that general maintenance is kept up to date in order to ensure payment in case of claim.

If you have specific cover requirements you can choose a basic coverage or extend your policy to a more comprehensive coverage.

The building insurance covers the structure of the house including fixtures and fittings, together with garages and outbuildings. The insured sum will be the construction cost of the building; this is the full cost of rebuilding the property.

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Car Insurance

As a non resident in Spain you can buy and drive a Spanish car. To buy a car you need to have a NIE number, as with any other asset purchase in Spain.

We can incorporate any no claim discount from your home country to ensure you get the most competitive quote as possible.

If you already have a car insurance in Spain and would like to compare the coverage and yearly quote, call us or send an email for a free quote.

We offer 3 different types of Car Insurance coverages: 

1. Third Party
2. Third Party Plus (including fire, theft, window and total loss)
3. Fully Comprehensive (also known as All risk) 

Towing-service is included in all three coverage´s. 

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Private Health Insurance

Hypotienda collaborates with a large private health insurance company for all health insurances in Spain.

They are specialised in private health insurances and are a market leader in product innovation and customer care providing a comprehensive quality service.

They provide several health insurance products. Depending on your needs and your budget we can send you a quote.

They have a very large network of doctors, specialists and private hospitals, this means the basic product should already be sufficient to get good and reliable health care in Spain. When you would like to go to a specialist in your home country there are more comprehensive products available.

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Travel Insurance

If you are a resident in Spain and you travel frequently to the UK or other countries, then an annual travel insurance should be the first thing on your itinerary.

Annual Travel Insurance
There are no restrictions on how many trips you can take in a year. If you conclude a Silver or Gold policy each trip can be covered up to 100 days, including trips within Spain.

Our Annual Travel Insurance covers you from the moment you book your trip, till the moment you get home. Cancellations, medical expenses and hospital charges, delayed connections, loss of documents and more - it's all covered. 

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Why choose Hypotienda for Spanish insurances?

  • Communication will be in your language
  • We deal with your insurance claim for the beginning untill the end
  • We always response to an email within 24 hours and you can reach us easily by phone without waiting
  • We provide competitive premiums and reliable coverages
  • We are professionals with high levels of expertise